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With C.A.R.Score reporting on your side, you’ll get access to detailed reports on your inventory without having to do any work. Our lot representatives travel to your dealership, inspect each vehicle for over 50 checkpoints, and provide you with immediate feedback to review. Each report includes a vehicle grade, interactive hotspots, and damage photos.

Generate Leads With Clear Details

Since each report covers over 50 interior and exterior checkpoints, you’ll have the ability to provide a clear picture to potential buyers. That establishes trust in your dealership and gives shoppers the confidence to buy from you. Likewise, when buyers know more, they’re willing to pay more.

Of Those Who Were Shown a C.A.R.Score Report…


would contact the dealership.


would drive 30+ miles to the dealership.


are more likely to test drive.

*Data from 250 consumers who purchased a vehicle in the last ten years and were shown a C.A.R.Score Report.

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“If you want to sell more cars and make your customers more confident in what they’re purchasing, check out C.A.R.Score.”
- Nam Phan, Marketing and Events Manager at Jaguar Landrover Flatirons

Inventory Enhancements


Manage your Craigslist listings effortlessly. Just define your budget and markets; we’ll handle the rest!


Transform vehicle-specific data into engaging stories with our automated vehicle commenting engine.

New Car Incentives

All OEM rebates and purchase incentives are available when making pricing decisions, comments and overlays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a C.A.R.Score Report on my vehicles?

The shift toward online car buying shows consumers are less interested in being sold a car and more interested in quickly buying a vehicle without traditional sales pressure.

Despite this shift, car buyers continue to visit dealerships to see, touch, smell, and drive a car in person. Consumer behavior continues to evolve, but that doesn't mean your dealership has to view new innovative technologies like C.A.R.Score as a threat. Even traditional retailers are pivoting to compete with e-commerce forces like Carvana and Amazon.

What types of vehicle condition inspections do you offer?

Our highly-detailed C.A.R.Score vehicle condition inspections assess the interior and exterior elements, including the body, instrument and control panels, mirrors, upholstery, and even the smell of the vehicle.

How long does a vehicle inspection usually take?

The C.A.R.Score inspection only takes a few minutes to complete and the report results are available for review instantly.

Can you do new and used vehicle inspections?

C.A.R.Score condition inspections are only performed on used inventory.

How detailed are your inspection reports?

C.A.R.Score inspections are more extensive than the standard industry report. Each report covers over 50 interior and exterior checkpoints on a vehicle, such as paint and body conditions, tires, upholstery, dashboards, and seat, window, and air controls. If it's part of a vehicle, chances are we cover it. 

What value does it offer my customer?

It gives buyers the information they want to know to feel confident about the vehicle's condition and trust the dealership. This enhanced transparency makes it easier for consumers to select the car or truck they want to buy and contact you.

Why would I want to point out the negatives?

C.A.R.Score is a transparent and honest way to help prospects decide to buy the vehicle they are interested in. It builds trust through transparency and offers your sales team confidence when standing behind the pricing strategy, resulting in more deals being closed at or near the original asking price.

Can you provide digital copies of inspection reports?

Yes! Not only do you receive hard copies of each C.A.R.Score report, but they are also available in digital form to place on your VDPs and third-party marketplaces. Each digital report offers detailed photos, clickable hotspots, and trackable analytics so you can see what interests your prospects.

Do you offer any package deals or discounts for multiple inspection reports?

Our vehicle condition inspection services are included in a subscription plan which means you get unlimited access to C.A.R.Score reporting.

Are you able to inspect vehicles at my dealership or do they need to be brought to a separate location?

Our inspection team travels to your dealership, inspects each vehicle for over 50 checkpoints, and provides you with immediate feedback and a detailed report.

Why can't I do the inspection myself?

As a third-party company completing the inspection, it removes any undue influence in determining what is right and what is wrong. We follow a consistent protocol in our evaluations using algorithms that determine the actual vehicle grade.

Are your inspection reports accepted by major automotive marketplaces or auction houses?

C.A.R.Score reports are trusted and utilized by many industry partners, often found on sites like,, CarGurus, and AutoTrader. Combined with CARFAX, AutoCheck, and CarOffer, our detailed reports give buyers and sellers a comprehensive view of a vehicle. 

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