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C.A.R.Score automotive reports by Dealer Specialties® take the industry-standard vehicle condition report one step further by assessing the interior and exterior conditions of your vehicle inventory.


Generate Leads With Clear Details

By helping buyers feel in control, you can increase the number of sales on your lot. Gain an edge on your competition by giving curious shoppers the details they want with vehicle condition reports through C.A.R.Score.


Of Those Who Were Shown a C.A.R.Score Report…


would contact the dealership


would drive 30+ miles to the dealership


are more likely to test drive

*Data from 250 consumers who purchased a vehicle in the last ten years and were shown a C.A.R.Score Report.

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What’s included

Do More With
Vehicle Condition Reports

With C.A.R.Score reporting on your side, you’ll get access to detailed reports on your inventory without having to do any work. Our lot representatives travel to your dealership, inspect each vehicle for over 50 checkpoints, and provide you with immediate feedback to review. Each report includes a vehicle grade, interactive hotspots, and damage photos.

C.A.R.Score Reporting Features:

C.A.R.Score Reporting Features:

  • Inspections that fit your schedule
  • Instantly review findings after inspections
  • Review quantity and quality of traffic generated from your reports
  • Learn where prospects are located and their level of interest
Enhance Sales Strategies With Analytics

Enhance Sales Strategies With Analytics

The benefits don’t just end with buyer satisfaction. C.A.R.Score’s report analytics dashboard allows you to track car shoppers as they interact with each condition report. Summarize consumer behavior with easy-to-understand, real-time data visuals, and enhance your own sales strategy.

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Value for All Automotive Partners

For others who work in the automotive industry, C.A.R.Score reports provide added value beyond just the dealership. Our vehicle condition reports are great for appraisals in direct-to-consumer sales in addition to wholesale and auction purchasing, bank and financial industries, and insurance and warranty claim management. Our strict vehicle grading standards establish benchmarks for value, help alleviate arbitration costs, and build confidence in your inventory. Great For Determining Value in:

Wholesale and auction purchases
Banking and financing industries
Insurance and warranty claims management

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Hear What Others Are Saying

We believe C.A.R.Score is the best vehicle inspection service on the market, but don’t just take our word for it.