Condition Reports that Connect You with Customers

CARScore Mock Up

An Essential Piece of  Your Digital Retailing Strategy

C.A.R.Score is designed to change the way people buy cars by providing a completely painless and transparent car buying experience, so you can impress customers when it matter's most. 

C.A.R.Score reports enhance the online buying experience for your customers by detailing a vehicle’s condition in 50 different ways, inside and out. Plus, C.A.R.Score reports distinguish your brand and can be used for lead generation.

  • Recoup expenses from reconditioning
  • Increase online sales leads
  • Drive more engagement on your website
  • Stand out among the competition
  • Build trust with consumers
Included in every C.A.R.Score inspection:
  • On-the-lot vehicle inspection of the vehicles you choose
  • Multiple interior and exterior evaluation points
  • Photos and descriptions of inspection points

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