Dealer Specialties Inventory feed

For Dealers

Your inventory data is automatically pushed to third party sites where potential car buyers are shopping:

    Largest distribution network available to dealers
    Consistent and reliable data feeds, updated automatically
    Distribution to dealer websites and popular consumer shopping sites such as AutoTrader,, CarGurus, Edmunds, TrueCar, Facebook and more

With our extensive network of partners, you can be confident that your dealership’s vehicle inventory is up to date and quickly distributed across every channel possible!

Facebook Inventory feeds

As of September 13, 2021, Facebook will no longer send inventory feeds to Facebook Marketplace. However, the feeds themselves will continue to be active and available for use with other existing and new Facebook products. 

Dealer Specialties will continue to distribute catalog feeds to Facebook for use with the Vehicle tab. Vehicle tab is a customized automotive tab created on the business page where dealers can organically showcase their inventory. Dealers can also create and manage their inventory via the “manage inventory” tab. 

For Partners

Access The Automotive Industry’s Leading Dealer Inventory Feeds

Comprehensive vehicle data from Dealer Specialties serves everyone from startups to some of the largest companies in the industry.

Benefiting You in Multiple Ways

Place your trust in us for data. Dealer Specialties has been collecting and distributing vehicle information for 30 years.

    Over 4000 dealers. 1 million vehicles represented.
    Fully decoded vehicles with optional equipment identified
    Actual photos of the vehicle are available
    Select from feeds by dealer, zip, state or national
    Flexible delivery methods
    Add a participating dealer to your feed within hours

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