Put Your Craigslist Vehicle Advertising on Cruise Control

Imagine a single tool capable of creating, posting, and tracking Craigslist vehicle ads. With SmartListing™ from Dealer Specialties®, that’s exactly what you get and more. Utilize listing intelligence to post the best-selling vehicles in your market, control where and when you post ads, generate leads through multiple communication channels, and track your results all in one customizable platform.


Inventory Feeds

The Fastest, Most Reliable Vehicle Syndication on the Market

Inventory Feeds from Dealer Specialties® help you create new and used vehicle listings from one centralized location. Our real-time distribution network automatically publishes and updates your listings on over 500 third-party sites and sales platforms. That’s the definition of casting a wide net.

Inventory Enhancements


Manage your Craigslist listings effortlessly. Just define your budget and markets; we’ll handle the rest!

Dominion StoryBuilder®

Transform vehicle-specific data into engaging stories with our automated vehicle commenting engine.

New Car Incentives

All OEM rebates and purchase incentives are available when making pricing decisions, comments and overlays.

Dealer & Partner Support

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